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Small Town Girl...Living in a lonely world (just kidding)
Actually I'm living in Brno, Czech Republic from September 2010-December 2010.

I (obviously) am already in love with the country etc., think its fantastic and want to document the whole thing. So here I am.


5 July 11

Prazská petka

Posted: 8:58 PM

Alright, I’m back just because I really need to discuss the greatness that is Pražská 5, epizoda Na brigádě (Prague 5, The Work Party).  We watched it in my Czech Cinema class and it was so funny. At least to four American girls anyway. I don’t know if we were all tired from staying out too late but I was dying when I saw this for the first time.  Maybe I just find the fact that this is a propaganda film (I believe it is one, or at least mocking it, finding information on this movie is next to impossible) and they decided to make it into a modern rock opera of sorts, OR I just find the one worker’s facial expression to be absolutely priceless.

I would love to see the whole series but I can’t find a copy, especially with subtitles.  Suggestions?  

23 December 10


So I’m back in America.  It’s been a weird week with goodbyes and everything. It feels like a lifetime has past this week.  I don’t quite miss the Czech yet (I got back to my house on Monday) but I’m watching some super trashy MTV reality TV show and its set in Prague. Half the people thought that it was in France, but its still making me a little teary watching it—even though the only thing that is “Praguish” about it is the interview backgrounds.

I wrote a super sappy and emotional post last week, planning to post it when I got home, but I don’t think I will.  At the moment I’m not feeling incredibly sad like I was last week. My time in the Czech was just another chapter of my life and I know there are others to come.  I think a lot of it has to do with the fact that I have a lot to look forward to when I get back to Beloit—classes, co-station managering, RAing, internship, Kappa Delta stuff etc.  It’s going to be good, its going to be a lot different though.

Anyway, I think that’s about it for this blog. Maybe I’ll write a post or two more (if I want to hate life again, I can talk about budapest) but I think this will be the  end.  If anyone in the future has any questions about studying in the czech republic or brno holler at me—I’ll be around.

17 December 10

Stupid things I have gotten nostalgic about today:

-18 crown pizza by the faculty of social studies

-coffee machines in buildings

-going to tesco

-walking up the vinarska hill

-cutting down my laundry line

-opening a bottle of beer using my cabinet

-drinking beer

-vinarska elevator and how weird it is.

-country road

-riding the tram

-the pooping girl painting thing

-messy staircases

-hot wine

-dogs everywhere

-christmas markets

16 December 10

This past week has been my most American…

Let me recap:

-Friday—went ice skating at an actual MALL which was super nice and had those quick hand dryers that I only see in American airports/the L train stations.  On another note, it was Fran’s & Ercan’s first time ice skating and was adorable.  Fran was a little shaky but Ercan took to it quite nicely.  Afterwards ate SUBWAY for the first time in forever, had a drink that was pure ICE and ate a oatmeal raisin cookie for the first time in ever.

-That weekend: mainly in my pjs, eating slim jims, avoiding life. Typical american college student (what has masaryk done to me??)

-Monday: Eat at McDonalds for the second time here, have a real SALAD with no oil or anything on it.  Had garlic dressing which is the closest thing to ranch here.  

-Today: Ate at mcdonalds again out of desperation and hungoverness (sorry mom) and had chicken mcnuggets for the first time in ages.  felt awful about myself.

Half my conversations with people (north americans) here is about food.  I can’t wait to eat mexican, culvers, bww, my mom’s cooking and el mezcal again.  I think junior year I will finally gain the freshman 15. 

I’m nearing my last days in Brno, I leave sunday morning/saturday night.  I cry at least twice a day here, but more on that later.  

10 December 10

The Best Kebab places in Brno

Yesterday, my friend Sara posted this on my facebook wall: 

I got a drunk kebap last night, but they were out of bread s I had a tortilla. I didnt realize the prices were different, and I got super pissy that he only gave me 20 back. Im glad I understand now. Kebabs, to me and my friends are not only a food, but also a way of life.  We constantly shame ourselves on how many kebabs we eat a week.  This is why a review of the best kebab places in Brno is neccessary. 

Mnam Mnam Kebabs (the one across from the pharamacy with the lobster)-One of my favorite places in Brno.  I led a group of hungary americans there during the first week and haven’t looked back since.  The owner recognizes me and knows what I like and don’t like.  Rough night? Kebabs the next day? They may not have the best kebabs but they speak english and are very friendly and make my life. Don’t go to the other mnam mnam place in the center, its not as good, and cold.  

The place that’s really not a kebab place by mandarian: I can never find this place during the day.  You have to ask for a gyro and there’s only one kind of meat but I think its juicer than mnam mnam kebabs and the sauce is better; my friend sara disagrees.  Downside: It’s literally a window so you can’t eat in the warmth, lacks atmosphere.

The Kebab place by Fleda: I’ve only been here twice, both after clubbing.  One time they only had tortillas, which are NOT as good as regular kebabs, even if that’s what the real thing is.  Thick bread, good meat, a variety of lettuce (red cabbage!) etc.  Cons: I have never been here during the day, it’s kind of pricer (a small for 60 crowns, most places are 50 crowns for a regular with student discount).  

7 December 10
2 December 10

Munchin’ on some muenchens on our way to Muenchen!

Every time I make a post it never posts my “read more link” so its not like I WANT to give you big rambling posts all the time. 

It’s my new rule to make a terrible pun out of every place I visit.  

Anyway, I went to Munich this past weekend, it was fantastic.

But before that I must talk about the TRAM PARTY.  drinking on a tram throughout the city. I peed in a field for the first time since I was 10, talked to a classy czech guy, witnessed what happens when spanish people drink on a bus (they sing a lot and hang from the railings) and I am also 90% sure that I talked to a guy about my love of Justin Timberlake (goodbye hipster cred. Except not because FutureSex/Love Sounds is a great album).  Annnnnnnd did I mention that I was leaving at 3:45 AM to catch a 5 AM bus?  

The bus ride was uneventful.  Fits of sleeping, serious passport checking, inappropiate giggling, first snow and annoying cell phones.  We finally arrived at our hostel (which was more like a boys and girls club) around 4 PM, ate some victory sausage and hung out. 

We went to the Christmas markets ate sausages (hey, we’re in germany!), almost got ran over by surprise trams and ate pretzels (again, germany).  We were pretty beat and headed to bed early.

We started the morning with an Olympic start as we went to the Olympic Stadium.  The Olympics are the only sporting event that I care about so I was pretty pumped.  Alyson and I became commentators and we are ready to send our audition tapes to NBC for the London Olympics.  Then we spent the rest of the day trying to find the Haufenbrau Hause, one of the big tourist traps of Munich.  You get a liter of beer and it’s this big deal because who drinks a liter of beer, except I can totally do that now.  We were in a no-service zone and were sitting there for about 45 minutes before even ordering a beer. Most overrated beer hall ever.  But we finished like champs and then since we drank them rather fast, tipsily walked around Munich for a while.  

Now is a good time to mention the people that we shared a room with: two Portuguese girls who were also there for the Arcade Fire Concert.  The Portugese can party hard, I don’t know how they do it.  Friday night they were out till 2 or 3 AM. On Sunday they came back at 7:45 AM. AND WERE GONE BY 11 AM. champs.  

We spent Sunday in the Deutsche Museum which is one of the largest technical museums in the world. Totally overwhelming but really cool all the same.  We spent about five hours there.  My favorite part was the astronaut exhibit. 

(okay I wrote this last part right before going out last night so it’s a little rambly) Then I saw what has been one of my top 5 bands since sophomore year of high school (so about 5 years) Arcade Fire.  LIVE.  I could have waited in line all day, but then I was in a foreign city with Alyson, who would probably not be up for that. If I were her I wouldn’t have been up for it either, but I’m also legitimately crazy when it comes to concerts.  Anyway, we had some trouble with the tickets so we got to go in the VIP section and avoid about 100 people and got about halfway to the stage.  Every tall person in germany was standing in front of me which sucked. luckily one of them was nice and let me stand in front of her.  the concert started with some stuff off of the suburbs and i wasn’t that impressed. then they played intervention and i almost cried because that song always gets me. BUT THEN a family left so i got to get as close as i possibly could (there was a fence) and DANCED.  like i go crazy at concerts, its just a general rule of mine: don’t go to concerts where  you can’t dance.  however, the people around me did not follow this rule and i am pretty sure i was that annoying girl who goes crazy at concerts. but i didn’t care.  they started playing neighborhood #3 and rebellion lies which is like their two biggest songs. it was me and a group of 3 guys dancing in our section.  one of the guys looked over at me and we locked hands for an instant because goddammit, we were at an arcade fire concert and we were the only ones in our area obviously having a great time and to be cliched and hipster in that moment we were truly infinite and it was possibly one of the greatest moments of my life.  and then they played neighborhood #1 and i almost died from dancing and singing so much. also they do some really cool video stuff during the show which made me anxious to take my video art class in the spring. 

Monday was spent carrying all of our stuff around and searching for wifi.  We went to a great beerhouse that had sassy waitresses, old men and creepy photos.  I went to the Haus Des Kunst which was huge and fantastic and filled with modern art.  We stood in the FREEZING COLD bus terminal for over two hours because we weren’t sure about night trams and literally EVERYTHING closes at 9 PM in Munich.  

Munich was fucking fantastic. 

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prague, never change.

Almost as good as the one time I saw a guy (my age) just carrying a rifle casually by the tram stop.


prague, never change.

Almost as good as the one time I saw a guy (my age) just carrying a rifle casually by the tram stop.

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30 November 10


I fail at blogging. Again.  It’s been a crazy two weeks krakow+munich and realizing that I have actual work to do/I’m going to fail my czech language class (seriously, who bases a language class on ONE FINAL EXAM???? Masaryk’s czech for foreigner program apparently). 

I guess it would be most logical to start out with our big group trip to Poland and then make a separate post about Munich. Instead of writing my paper of course.

We started out bright and early (5 AM) on Friday morning and started our journey to Auschwitz.  Obviously it wasn’t the most cheerful of fridays and in between the different camps there was mainly silence on the bus.  The average lifespan there (if you weren’t sent to the gas chambers of course) was about 3 months, generally shorter for women.  

Things began to cheer up once we actually got to Krakow.  I went out to dinner with the Canadian and Austrailan girls and we flirted with our waiter and ate delicious perogies (dumplings).  Also confirmed theory that Czech beer is the best in the world (in comparison to Polish beer at least).  Since I was tired from minimal sleep (‘sup greek birthday party on my floor until 3 AM), it was an early night. 

The next day started out almost as bright and early with a guided tour of the city.  Big tours are never my thing, and to be honest, I won’t remember the name of x castle and I don’t really care about the Krakow dragon myth.  If it had been any colder I think a couple of us would have ducked into the nearest coffee shop.  

Anyway, that afternoon we had free time. I ate a mediocre kebab and then shopped for souvenirs with Kobi and Jessica.  We ended up staying in a coffee shop for a while complaining about classes (czech) and just shooting the shit.  I had a hot chocolate that was just melted chocolate.  Not exactly heaven surprisingly enough. 

Saturday night was the kind of night that makes me hide my pictures on facebook. I sang karaoke for the first time.  ”Pretty Women” with Alina, my favorite Romanian (well, she is the only Romanian I know, but she’s still pretty cool) and “Like a Virgin” with Chau.  There are way to many pictures of me with a microphone to be comfortable with.

SUNDAY was the coolest day.  Aside from some stupid seat drama, it was my favorite place that I’ve visited—The Wieliczka Salt Mine.  When I first heard about it, it actually sounded really lame.  But its not.   It’s the world’s oldest salt mine and there are churches and sculptures (A GNOME) and tons of other cool stuff and that’s only the first level.  The second level has A WEDDING CHAPEL. IT IS HUGE. IT IS GLORIOUS. THERE ARE SALT SCULPTURES OF THE POPE AND THE LAST SUPPER.  THERE ARE ALSO THREE LAKES.  IT’S BEEN TWO WEEKS AND I AM STILL AMAZED BY IT.  SAVE THE LOCATION, I AM GETTING MARRIED THERE. 

So that was the trip to Poland in a nutshell.  Munich’s next!  

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